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About Star Prototype

Star Prototype Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of the leading Rapid Prototype and Rapid Tooling.companies in the world. It is a British-invested enterprise, built by the British experienced engineer Gordon Styles. STAR is the first and the only RP company run and invested by a foreign enterpriser in China. STAR does not only bring in advanced equipments but also western advanced technologies and also has employed some excellent engineers and sales from USA, UK, Germany and China and assigned some sales representatives in USA, Germany, France and Italy.

STAR’s business covers places all over the world and enters different industries. Its high quality products have satisfied a lot of companies in the world. ‘The Best of the West in China’ is what our customers describe our products and service. Nowadays, STAR has established good long-term relationships with various renowned companies in the world, like Mercedes, Siemens, and HP, Philips and Nestle and so on.

Company Motto

Plan, Plan, Plan; Team Team Team.

How do we become more efficient and satisfy our customers?

Saving money just to save money often creates COST elsewhere.

Employ the best people; the best technology; and the best materials.

Get it Right; First Time; Every Time.

Do what you said you would do; that’s the STAR way.